Sunday, August 19, 2012

I hope you make sure we're properly dead before you start, old rip-beak!

I've all but abandoned this blog due to life busy/inability to deal with internet, but I had my gothy/synthpoppy Pandora station going just now when I heard noises emitting from it not dissimilar to those that would emit from flinging feces at assorted musical equipment.  I was like guhhh, this is horrible, let me go thumb it down.  Turns out it was Death In June.  Misogynist fascists lay down some shitty tracks!

Anyway, it seems Strig's and my cities (I'm in still a different one now) are both primarily hosting their spooky nights at places primarily known for (lady) gayness.  I had the grand joy of gothing with Strig in their city in the not-distant past with maybe the best DJ ever, though the site was a bit low on visible queers, considering the venue's standard patronage.  Undeterred, we were having a sublime dancy time when we observed that the event photographer was quite occupied in contriving shots of four Beauty2K compliant women uncomfortably grinding on each other.  We mocked the spectacle, but were truly quite peeved.  Later, a friendly woman who identified herself to me as an organizer of the event approached me and thanked me for coming and dancing and we had a most pleasant chat.  Still later, she repeated her gratitude to me for my attendance and dancing as Strig and I exited, after which Strig heard her exclaim to someone, "I just love when the lesbians come out!"  :-/

The next day I was getting tattooed in that town and these two folks came in to chat with my artist.  Turns out they were also involved in organizing rivety/gothy events!  I related to them the events of the previous evening and they mourned the behavior of the photographer and agreed that the atmosphere was insufficiently welcoming to queer people.

Meanwhile, in my new city, I'm going out and gothing now on a fairly regular basis cuz there's no cover charge.  It, again, is held at a lesbiladygay venue, but doesn't seem to attract much of a lesbiladygay crowd.  With exceptions, the only attendees populating the dance floor who seem to know and care about the industrialest songs seem to be me and a few shirtless/shackled/uniformed dudes.

Meanwhile, you will be pleased to hear that Pandora got its act together.  Heya, Tones on Tail :-D

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  1. I couldn't even leer creepily at the skinny ladies grinding on each other for the camera due to the annoyingness and wanting to go over and say "Yo, you wanna take a picture of some real dykes at the dyke bar, lady?"


    I do see more and more queers at that goth night though. And more lez ladies coming downstairs to join it and dance, probably cuz, even with the misogynistic douches, goths still like dancing and like it when people do, even sporty lesbians :-)