Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Racists and Misogynists Walk Among Us: Side-Line Magazine's Bernard Van Isacker

I'm well aware that this is one of those posts that may result in a flood of fanboys coming to attack me, like all of the trolls Daniel Graves sends over every once in a while (despite deleting the post about him long ago because I am just plum tired of fending off "tra**y bull dyke" and "fuck ni**gers" comments.) That said, a lot of this person's online behavior has been brought to my attention by several people. So, this post has to happen.

I don't know much of anything about Bernard Van Isacker other than that google says he's the Chief Editor of Side-line Magazine and the manager of the Alfa Matrix record label (I'm purposely not linking so they don't get money from clickbait) and that he posts a lot of racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic shit on the internet. That, for me, is plenty reason to call him to your attention. What happens behind the scenes matters, especially when you purposely put it out there to the public.

Alfa Matrix's facebook page, with all of it's cat pictures interspersed with pictures of women cropped for cleavage in just about the same way for every single woman, seems pretty run of the mill for an industrial page. Bernard's facebook page and twitter are full of Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and insensitivities to the atrocities of terrorism. ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other religious group of people, yet plenty of white racists are blaming Muslims for terrorism. He has a French flag overlay on his profile photo, like many white folks who think that when Western European countries are attacked, they deserve solidarity, but when other countries are attacked, often with higher death tolls, they deserve it.

It has also been reported to me that he has defended nazis, maligned black folks, and promoted the refusal of helping Syrian refugees. But, let's just focus on the screenshots that took me less than 10 minutes to obtain. I'd probably have more if I wasn't monolingual due to my lack of decent language education in the US.

The two posts of his that have been sent to me are both anti-Arab posts. One is making fun of refugees as if they are lounging around while white people go to war. The other is a video of a Palestinian woman (who Bernard the misogynist unsurprisingly refers to as a "cunt") at a vigil covering an Israeli (zionist) flag with a Palestinian flag. Earlier, he posts a video of a boy uncovering a Palestinian Flag that had been covered up by an Israeli flag. He refers to this as an anti-semitic action. Despite the fact that most folks understand that being against Israeli apartheid and the genocide of Palestinian people does not = anti-semitism, he continues these racist tropes throughout his page. He frequently associates anything Arab or Muslim people do with either terrorism or anti-semitism, regardless of if they are at all related.

The woman replacing the flag isn't the only woman Bernard slings misogynistic insults at. This is unsurprising, but still gross.

Bernard makes many posts that are Islamophobic or otherwise racist as shit. Looks like friends try to call him out on it but he never listens. I'm not sure who would want to be friends with someone who mostly posts Islamophobic racist things in the wake of tragedies and terror attacks but that's none of my business.

I'm not wasting any more time reading his tired racist profile but you get the picture. I remind you, this is me spending 10 minutes on his recent posts. He posts almost entirely racist garbage. This is who you're supporting when you support Sideline magazine and Alfa Matrix. You're also buying him multiple vacation homes.

It's unfortunate to see that there are some decent bands on that label that don't deserve association with this douchebag. Hopefully, they made the choice to be on his label without seeing his personal pages. Either way, if you're radical enough to be subscribed to this blog, you're radical enough to understand why this guy doesn't need any more support.


  1. VACATION HOMES?! O dear. We already knew there was no justice in the world, but sweet tapdancing Christ >_<

  2. I’m glad someone is calling him out. He’s had it coming for a long time.

  3. After the latest shenanigans (sticking up for Bazart) they cauth the attention of one Matt 'Caustic' Fanale who politely asked the 700 odd fans of his page that were also on the Sideline page on facebook to unlike the page, and most of them did (500+ at the last count).

  4. Thanks, Kohna! Good to hear Caustic is still using his platform to make good statements! I used to follow him when I was still on facebook. And thank you for the comment and current events (re: Bazart) update. I have been out of the loop with life stuff.