Saturday, January 2, 2016

My German Hasn't Been Conversational Since 2003 But I'm Pretty Sure This Is Badass (Wulfband)

I have been thinking that I have gone a little soft on you all, bringing you postpunk or dancey dark electronic music that meets my political standards, while laying off the dood-laden stompy music that many of us love and crave. Yet, what shall those of us do when we need some ridiculous, over the top, hypermasculine, rolling EBM basslines with DEUTSCHE lyrics shouted in our face till it falls off, but we don't want to listen to that Portion Control's "Amnesia"  for the 5 billionth time (yeah, I know it's not auf Deutsch, though that song does deserve it's own post, I don't have a reason why I have never given it one), enter Wulfband.

These guys are fairly new but not 2016 new. The great folx over at idieyoudie already did a piece featuring them, so I am gonna link you to that since my current knowledge of them is slim. But, in my early listening, I do have to agree with this article when it says:

Wulfband is hyper-aggressive to the point of parody, and the boneheaded lyrics yelled in German just take it over the top. Proof positive that if you take every EBM cliché and amplify it, you might end up with something that goes beyond ridiculous and transforms into the spectacular.

Though, I'd replace "boneheaded" with "FANTASTISCH," personally.

As the title of this piece indicates, I can only make out so much of the lyrics with my really schlecte(r?) Deutsch so if you notice something absolutely oppressive and jacked in this music or videos, please let us know in the comments (even if it DOES ruin my new FAVE.) I would not call this band radical in terms of politics because I don't know their politics. But, as far as I can tell currently, this is how you do (what so many defenders of shitty bands that have made it to this blog call) "artistic" and "edgy" and "it's just a joke" things with the kind of satirical skill that holds my attention (and makes me laugh- which might be more important) . Take note, nachtmarzis and combichristians, I'm lookin' at you.



And, there's even one you'd think I might not approve of, but I do, if only for the ridiculousness of the lyrics.

If I don't stop, I will post them all. So, check out their youtube for the rest.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I love Wulfband and I'm anti-racist (as a black man, it's usually the case) I did some research and I'd check out Wulfband's label is Progress Productions. Clearly quite a few skinheads but whether they're boneheads or not remains in question doesn't like it. Most of them are Swedish and they're sense of humour is dark/tongue in cheek.

    One band who you'll probably like who is also on this label is called
    Vanligt folk...I listened to them and instantly loved it. However there is a live video where the lead singer is clearly making swastikas with arm and doing nazi salutes. But for a couple reasons this is probably just the absurd swedish sense of humour.The song translates of 'idiots of assembly' so it seems like it's a joke. the first paragraph of the song lyrics are:

    'Good vs. evil
    You against Mej
    We meet
    Judgment against them
    Different to the Equal
    Sites against Sites
    East against West
    Left to right
    All against All'

    quite ambiguous. this is the video and I thought 'oh fuck they're nazis...bit surprising cus the music is ace and sounds intelligent.'

    however they also have a dub reggae track...maybe you've been hit with the same confusion as me, yeah? and he wears a rastafari balaclava and dances with a butterfly knife, as someone with a jamaican parent i can't help but find it fucking hilarious

    I recommend you to look into the other bands in the label though. Cus I think if even one band is white supremacist, it makes all the other bands on the label dodgey.