Friday, June 22, 2012

Acumen Nation's Jamie Duffy Passes

Image: a black and white graphic with a photo of Jamie Duffy looking towards the upper right of the screen on the left and "R.I.P. JAMIE DUFFY" on the right. Image courtesy of idieyoudie.

How do I write about this on this blog? It's about intersectionality. A world in which mental health is either seen as shameful disease or a nonexistent abstract idea. I was sorry to hear that Jamie Duffy felt lost enough to take the plunge out of this world. Or perhaps he was having a moment of pure mental clarity. Is it so far fetched that one could feel like not living was better than living here? I don't know. What does this say about us and what we can do?
We can listen to each other, learn from each other, acknowledge feelings as being important, valid, real. We need to acknowledge these things for people of all gender's as patriarchy's feminization and demonization of emotionality very much affects men as well. We need to acknowledge that it is not just the individual. We live in a world that is a breeding ground for suffering and depression. We need solidarity and we need the ability to heal from the hurt of every day life as well as the traumas we suffer.

Jamie will be missed. All others who are hurting, I hope you are able to find peace. And to those out there feeling suicidal, I can tell you, sticking around is worth it, if only to see what kind of things will happen in the world next, or to stay with those who care about you, or because you have animals waiting for you to come home and fill their food bowls, or friends waiting for your call, people who adore your music, or those who just like your company.

It's worth it to try change instead of death. However comforting the idea of death may be, why not try giving yourself an entirely new life?
You are not alone.


  1. You hit on key word "feminization", but the over-feminization of the country and the world has led us to: P.E.T.A., GREENPEACE, THE GLORIFICATION OF THE RICH AND BUFF, REALITY TV AND A LEFT LEANING CITIZENRY SO CLOSE TO COMMUNISM THAT THE RIGHT HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO GO EXTREME RIGHT WHICH CAN ONLY BE VIEWED AS FASCISM. You see there is a reason why there are men & women, left & right, conservatives & liberals, ying & yang. It's called balance. Those like Jaime are both left & right brain people. The lack of vision in the rest of the country makes people like us feel like we dont belong. It's much more difficult than just doing something else.

    1. I think I'd be laughing harder if this comment wasn't in such bad taste on an entry about someone's suicide. How did you even get to this blog?