Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pre-Order for Premium Edition of Electronic Saviors 2 Now Available

Image: Promotional poster for Electronic Saviors 2. The image includes the drawing of a yellow sky with a brownn rocky foreground. Two robot-like silver figures are in the foreground. One is wearing a red hooded cloak and is holding another laying across their arms with an oxygen mask on their face and their arm laying limply at their side. The image is similar to many Christian depictions of Mary holding Jesus.

Electronic Saviors - Industrial Music to Cure Cancer, project of Jim Semonik (a cancer survivor himself) is due to have their second installment of compilations out in May. You can preorder the premium edition here- Electronic Saviors Vol. 2 Recurrence Premium Edition includes: -6 CD Boxset -2 CD Companion Set -Gold Wristband with ES Logo -Bumper Sticker -BRICKS for Young Adults 70 Page Book all for 50 bucks. The proceeds will go to Gilda's Club and The Bone Marrow Foundation. Both organizations are human recovery focused and are not simply money dumps for animal research projects like so many organizations claiming to cure disease unfortunately are today. Your money will get your some great music from a wide variety of artists and will go to helping people recover from cancer.

At risk of revealing my secret identity, Jim has been an acquaintance since I was about 15 years old when I ran into him at the vastly stocked industrial section of a music store where he work(s/ed). He makes good music, he has more love and dedication to the industrial scene than most people I know- self included, and aside from all that, this project is amazing.

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