Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Justicia Pro Bestia! Crunch Pod Organizes Artists for Animals

 Image: The cover art for the album "Justicia Pro Bestia" which is a tri-color collage of images. There are three human bodies standing wearing black suits and ties with white shirts. Each body has an animal head- one german shepherd dog, one striped tabby cat, and one doberman dog. Behind them is the scale of justice and the words "Justicia Pro Bestia" black and red ombre.

I just found this. I am kind of amazed I had not found it last year when it came out. I must really be out of the loop. From the original info release:

Throughout much of the United States animals have about as many rights as a piece of furniture. There are more laws protecting your car then there are for animals. They are considered nothing more than “property” and do not deserve any rights. People who abuse them usually get little to no punishment for the suffering they cause. It’s time for that to change. JUSTICIA PRO BESTIA (Justice for Animals) is a collection of artists who believe that animals deserve their own rights and much more. All the proceeds from the sale of this digital compilation will be donated to The Animal Legal Defense Fund Since 1979 they have been fighting for animal rights, domestic and wild, by working to improve and expand laws protecting animals and to help make penalties against animal abusers much tougher...

Here is an interview about the compilation from some veg-heads at idieyoudie (which also includes a link to an amazing das ich peta2 ad (auf Deutsch)- whose vegetarianism previously unbeknownst to me just made them so much cooler... ).

It's nice to see industrial artists coming together for animals again. The ALDF and I have our differences (I mainly oppose their animal abuser registry intiatives on multiple grounds. If you want to know why, ask in the comments,) but they do a lot of great work. As much as the anti-authoritarian in me opposes prisons, the animal rescuer in me knows first hand how the treatment of animals as property means that the law is always involved. The ALDF helps it to move in the animals' favor.

I still have a copy of Animal Liberation (1990) on vinyl from the good old days when doing a fundraiser for PETA meant funding undercover laboratory infiltration rather than today's sexist ad campaigns. I would have chosen Mercy for Animals or a prisoner legal defense fund as the benefactor personally, but ALDF will do just fine. I bought my copy today (digital download only). All proceeds go to a good cause, so now is a good time to buy some intellectual property even if you usually don't. Bandcamp link was broken, so you'll have to go with amazon.


  1. o heck yes, Das Ich! You and I feel similarly (identically?) about PETA, but I can't help but love that they collaborated. I want to read that whole German article when I have a longer attention span; it really seems the universe wants me to re-learn all the German I've spent a decade forgetting. Particularly if this PhD program works out, since they would require me to have a second language under my belt.

    1. Honestly, I was near conversational auf Deutsch in college and now I use google translator. Heh.

      And yes, awesome for das ich. I like a lot of the peta2 techniques using musicians to endorse stuff (unless it's a corpse muncher endorsing no dog fighting then I am like, yeah who DOESN'T hate dog fighting? I mean come on, what about the pigs.) Or the women for that matter. Or, ya know, slaves or relatives of slaves. At least he's not wearing his confederate flag shirt in that picture or video. And in response to questions about eating animals, he says he "doesn't get political with (his) food." I will give it to him for speaking out against factory farming, animal testing, and dog fighting. I just wonder how many people look at these endorsements and think "Hey I love animals, and this person loves animals, and we both eat animals, so we're done! Good for us."

    2. What the flying fuck, combichrist?!

      I grow more embarrassed by the hour that I bought one of their shirts in 2005 at a show they played. That thing is still in my bureau, exuding creepiness. I plead ignorance; I didn't know any better.

    3. I used to romanticize military fashion, non-ironic fascist leaning musical imagery, and :wumpscut: was one of my favorite artists in the world. Teenage years and early twenties are the time most of us get our ignorance out. That's why I am always in mad admiration of 16-yr-old radicals doing insanely awesome social justice work. I was still trying to fuck En Esch while sneaking vodka into underage nights to wash down the drugs... Not that there's anything wrong with En Esch. He's a decent guy that never returned my teen aged advances. Though he and Gunter Schulz did draw nipples on my tank top one time when I was 19 with my permission. I swooned. Does that have your combichrist shirt beat? hahahahahahahaha

      There's your ammo, haters! Use it wisely!