Thursday, June 12, 2014

When the Comments on an Abhorrent Facebook Post Give Me Faith

Content warning: stupid dudebro rape joke

Today, the World Goth Day facebook page posted a rape joke. As I responded, expecting perhaps to be the only one, and to be criticized by many people, so goes the chain of events often when I open my mouth, something different happened. Other people joined in to criticize the rape joke and rape culture evident in the post.

The "but she didn't/couldn't/etc say no" jokes are misogyny and rape culture. Period. It's no better when dressed up in black clothes. Since Shakesville has already said it so well:

"Rape culture is rape jokes. Rape culture is rape jokes on t-shirts, rape jokes in college newspapers, rape jokes in soldiers' home videos, rape jokes on the radio, rape jokes on news broadcasts, rape jokes in magazines, rape jokes in viral videos, rape jokes in promotions for children's movies, rape jokes on Page Six (and again!), rape jokes on the funny pages, rape jokes on TV shows, rape jokes on the campaign trail, rape jokes on Halloween, rape jokes in online content by famous people, rape jokes in online content by non-famous people, rape jokes in headlines, rape jokes onstage at clubs, rape jokes in politics, rape jokes in one-woman shows, rape jokes in print campaigns, rape jokes in movies, rape jokes in cartoons, rape jokes in nightclubs, rape jokes on MTV, rape jokes on late-night chat shows, rape jokes in tattoos, rape jokes in stand-up comedy, rape jokes on websites, rape jokes at awards shows, rape jokes in online contests, rape jokes in movie trailers, rape jokes on the sides of buses, rape jokes on cultural institutions"

Granted, there were also some "It's just a joke" people and quite a few shares. But, the resistance to the concept in large numbers made me happy. Too add, a lot of men opposed the joke, too, which we often don't see, and which is important, since men are instrumental in fighting patriarchy and rape culture.

So, I share with you today, a moment, however small, where those of us from darker countercultures spoke out against misogyny. Thank you for making my day.

UPDATE: World Goth Day has removed the post.


  1. Just left a comment on that page myself which is where I came across the link to this post. Very disappointed by the post and i felt very uncomfortable with it. Though, like you, I was definitely happy by the number of people who expressed similar feelings! It will be interesting to see if WGD address the post in any way or just let it go.

    1. Seems they took the post down. That's something at least. Unfortunately that doesn't affect all the shares.

  2. Hi, I really really love your blog to pieces. I've been into industrial music since middle school now and i find myself treading so lightly with the genre/subculture because, as a now adult woman (which is strange to say!), I'm afraid of interacting with other rivetheads because the genre is so steeped in fascism. Especially because I don't know any rivetheads personally and there isn't a scene in virginia that is either goth or industrial. I'm so glad i found your blog, I've learned so much from it! I don't really know what I'm trying to say but it's comforting that this blog is a place for anti-oppresion industrial music and I hope that we can continue to make the subcultures a better place.

    1. Thank you for what you're trying to say! I thought it was perfect.