Thursday, January 26, 2012

Skinny Puppy - Kill to Cure

This song/performance by Skinny Puppy in protest of and in reference to nonhuman animal research exists only in this video and in the minds of those present at the Head Trauma Tour in 1988 who saw it live. I was only 6 unfortunately, so I only have the video to go on. There are many theories as to why it never made it to an album. I am happy to know it exists in some form for everyone here.

The lyrics apparently changed from show to show. Dog knows there is plenty of horror to draw from.

This video is not only amazing for it's statement but also for it's stream of consciousness sound and lyrics, all reminiscent of old school skinny puppy. Beautiful.

I also found a cover someone did of it here.

The band is called "Dead When I Found Her" and I am gonna turn the feminist criticism of their name off for a moment. Maybe. This recording is so skuppy-like and I really enjoyed it and the quality is so that the lyrics are more clear. Enjoy.

(Why "dead when I found her"? Maybe dude has a creative explanation drawing from some sort of "calling light to misogyny in the unconscious all people are born into a culture of already present white heteropatriarchy- when they found her" or something... One can dream, right? This artist is REALLY good, especially if you like 80s and early 90s industrial. I didn't know anyone did much of this anymore. You can buy their album here.)


  1. Do you actually think people are born into misogyny? I am a social psychologist, so naturally my inclination is to argue that it is cultural. =)

  2. Born into a misogynistic culture is what I meant, but perhaps my wording should have been better. Point taken.

  3. The name of the band is from a line Tom Waits said during a concert