Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Santa Hates You sends a message to "Racists, Sexists, Homophobes"

I've loved this band and listened to them regularly from the time I discovered they existed. I'm used to their lyrics being playful and silly and mixed with hard industrial dance beats making it great mp3 player walking music among other things.

I just got my hands on a copy of "It's Alive" and found myself grinning from ear to ear as the music and lyrics from the first couple tracks spilled into my ears.

The song SCUM proclaims "Racists, Sexists, Homophobes, and all you other assholes around the globe, we're here to let you know that your time is gone. Fuck you, you fucking scum." The video portrays various oppressors as zombies who are then beaten to death by Jinxy and PS. (Content warning: there is a gross scene of a gross dude jerking off to fox news in the beginning, but he does get the shit kicked out of him by Jinxy so if you're into catharsis like me...)

I am happy to see an industrial band take such an... aggressive stance against these people. I appreciate even more that such a light hearted band decided to make more political statements- though I expected no less given the lyrics of related bands like Project Pitchfork. And normally, I am mildly unsurprised and bored with the beating of nazis. But, given the popularity of fascism in our scenes, I was happy to see PS behead a uniformed man near the end of this video.

The song I actually liked even more was "Independence" (0:53 here) which states "This is our declaration, we have the right to be free, we are so sick of being part of your killing machine." I am a fan of the more metaphorical jabs at authoritarian culture, but you gotta love a lyric like those in scum that remind me of Propagandhi set to a nice beat.


  1. Makes a nice change for a band to stand up for something positive. I'd like to send you guys some stuff for review/your general listening pleasure (hopefully)... you got a link for submissions?

    Couldn't agree more with you btw - from the first post onwards.

  2. Thanks! DO you mind posting your email and then I will send you mine? I could delete the post after. I would post mine here but I'd like to avoid the possible onslaught of trolling that has happened here before also ending up in my inbox.

  3. Sounds a lot like... Combichrist.
    That's probably not a coincidence. ;-)

    1. I just meant that Combichrist's lyrics probably qualify them as one of the "Racists, Sexists, Homophobes, and all you other assholes" SHY are addressing in the song, so making "Scum" sound somewhat like Combichrist would make sense.

    2. Ahhhhhh yes I see. I didn't catch that but I wonder if they did that on purpose.