Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Critical Feminist Takes a Break from Being Critical to Watch Dad and Kids Play DM

Depeche Mode has been one of my favorite bands since I was about 4. Or that's as early as I can remember. I remember making my mom play "People are People" over and over again in the car until the tape eventually broke. Everything counts still gives me little feelings of nostalgia when I hear it and I remember teaching myself to play "Love, In Itself" on my synthesizer key-tar (yes I am THAT HARD). Actually, re-watching that video in all of Martin L Gore's s&m harness depressive glory tells me a lot about my love life these days... as do many depeche mode songs...


Look at this awesome Dad and his Kids recreating "Everything Counts" and other favorites of mine "Shake the Disease" and "Strangelove" on what looks like all kids toys and instruments. It might just be the most amazing thing ever.

Holy shit dad can multitask...


  1. BEST. FAMILY. These videos have made tonight ok. Especially their version of Everything Counts.

    Also, I'd never seen that DepMode vid for Love In Itself. Bands just don't make vids like that anymore. And thank fuck for that! Though at least it didn't contain any discernibly oppressive imagery ^_^

    1. I happen to miss slender men singing about depression while jerking their shoulders as if at the chiropractor amongst dripping cave paintings.